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Detox the Seasonal Body for Spring

Detox the Body for Spring

Spring is a potent season of renewal, rebirth and blossoming as we emerge out of the darkness and stillness of Winter

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring is the season associated with the Liver Meridian. My lovingly curated Yin Yoga sequence will support detoxification in the Liver to create smooth flow of Qi (vital energy) throughout the body.

Immerse yourself into a deeply nourishing and detoxifying afternoon of Yin Yoga. According to Chinese Medicine, Spring is an innately supportive time to cleanse your whole being.

The workshop practices will support detoxification and energy balance of the Liver Meridian as well as harmony and release in the physical and subtle energy centers of the body, heart and mind. Join me for some delicious hip opening and side body sequences.

You'll emerge feeling cleansed and renewed and ready to make space for the Spring months ahead.

This 2 hour mini-retreat includes

* Yin Yoga sequences lovingly curated to stimulate the Liver and Gall Bladder organs which are most active and most likely to become out of balance in the Spring
* Guided Pranayama (breath work) & meditation
* Restorative Yoga to support the body as it metabolizes this deep practice

All levels welcome.

Beginners welcome.

Price: $45 early-bird / $50 at the door


Due to the high demand for my Seasonal Body workshops, I am offering the same workshop on two different dates in two different locations. All in SF. See registration links below.


To prepare for the workshop,

here are dietary and Yin Yoga detoxification practices.

I’ve found these helpful to support well-being on and off the mat during Spring.

Brewing Tea


Please come 1 hour earlier to enjoy tea at the tea house and relax in the lounge.

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