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Would you like to deepen your practice in Yin Yoga?
Do you already have a 200 hour teaching certificate in any form of Yoga?
Let's work together!

YogaFlow SF is offering an Advanced Teacher Training Mentorship Program and I am the mentor for the Yin Yoga segment. 


Mentorship in Yin Yoga is not widely available and I know many of you have been looking for deeper guidance for a while. Now is the time!


Yin Yoga brings unique physical, energetic, and emotional releasing benefits. Poses are held for extended periods to lubricate joints and tissues, to practice mindfulness, and to cultivate chi flow in the body. The mentorship program is a structured way to gain insight into the anatomy of the energetic body, how to design Yin Yoga sequences to support the health of the different organs and to address challenging emotional and psychological states. My teachings will help you access the subtle body, the luminescent inner domain which is delicate but harnesseable for optimal physical and psychological well-being. 


Yin Yoga has been a key pillar in my growth as a human being, helping me to develop my inner gaze and see how things really are.  It could be said that this journey into our inner workings helps us to wake up to see who we truly are. This has been one of the biggest benefits for me; my insight into how to soothe and ground myself amidst life's challenges. 


More info here

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